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78:     <dt><a href="search?q=class+Needle">class Needle</a></dt><dd>search for files containing both "class" (case insensitive) and "Needle" (case sensitive)
80:     <dt><a href="search?q=class+Needle+case:yes">class Needle case:yes</a></dt><dd>search for files containing "class" and "Needle", both case sensitively
82:     <dt><a href="search?q=%22class Needle%22">"class Needle"</a></dt><dd>search for files with the phrase "class Needle"[master, ] lang:go
duplicate result[master, ] lang:c++
7: class Needle_inserter3;[master, ] lang:c++
10: class Needle_inserter3 : public Deformation_hook,  public Element_watcher[master, ] lang:c++
10: class Needle_inserter;[master, ] lang:c++
13: class Needle_inserter : public Deformation_hook[master, ] lang:java
25: public class NeedlesslyAnnotatedLabel extends Label {[master, ] lang:java
duplicate result[master, ] lang:java
27: public class NeedlemanWunschEditDistanceTest {[master, ] lang:java
30: public final class NeedlemanWunschEditDistance {